Our History

September 1900


The building was opened as a combined Police & Fire Station and was one of the UK's First purpose built Stations of its kind. The Building was built at the time of Sheffield Police Fire Brigade.


After using the building for nearly 30 years the Fire Service moved into the now much larger Fire Station on Rockingham Street that was later extended onto Division Street to become the new Sheffield Fire Brigade HQ.

1st September 1939




The 1st of September 1939 saw the break of World War 2. Shortly after the war broke out the centre 2 Police Cells were knocked together to make a safe secure location for the Police's Telephone Communications. Along with this some of the old well built arched cellars of the old Cottages that used to surround the building were utilised as Air Aid Shelters and underground passageways to other buildings (Parts of these tunnels and Shelters can still be seen today).




After the Fire Service had left, the building became used fully by the Police not just as a Station but also as a workshop and offices. In this time the Police Stables and the Fire Stables were taken down to make room for the much larger motor vehicles used by the Police.




With developments within policing and the fact that the Police Force was growing at a rapid speed the Police outgrew this building and moved to a new building just next door to the existing Police Station (Now the Fire & Police Museum).

1965 - 1980


The building was used for a few years by Shops but then stood empty with all of the upper floors been left derelict, full of rubbish with hundreds of pigeons that had housed in the broken windows and rooms.

Early 1970 Housed in Division Street Fire Station a small collection of Fire Service Artefacts such as old helmets, uniforms etc... were starting to make nice displays of the services history (this was the very start of the museum as you see it today).


Late 1970's The Collection housed in Division Street Fire Station became well known and loved by local people and grew thanks to donations from the City of Sheffield's people and started to rapidly outgrow its space.

1981 The old Fire & Police Station on West Bar was acquired by firefighters from the South Yorkshire area to display and house the ever growing collection of artefacts on public display.

1983 The 'South Yorkshire Fire Service Museum' opened its doors to the public

8th May 1984 The 'South Yorkshire Fire Service Historical Society' was created as a registered Charity (515105) to aim to preserve and display the history of South Yorkshire Fire Service.

1994 10 years after the museum opened its doors as the 'South Yorkshire Fire Service Museum' volunteers from South Yorkshire Police had been working hard to renovate the old Police Station to open this area as a museum and in 1994 the museum became the 'Fire & Police Museum' with the newly opened Police Cells, Police Entrance and Interview Room.

2012 After a major change around with the running of the museum. in the Summer of 2012 new areas of the museum were opened allowing the vehicle collection to go from 18 to 40 on site.

2013 2013 was a year of many changes and developments to the museum with one of the largest changes in the museums history taking place on the 1st of January 2014.

2014 On the 1st of January 2014 the Fire & Police Museum became the UK's National Emergency Services Museum.