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The below report is from Seeking Spirit Event who are the museum most visited team and who run public events throughout the year at the museum: Visit for more information.

During our many paranormal investigations at the Museum, we seem to uncover new facts every time we hold a vigil on these premises. It would be unfair to visitors to reveal too much in-depth information about our spirits but, many things repeat themselves to many of our ghost hunters…. Coincidence? I think not!

Throughout the Museum we have discovered facts on at least six spirits, there are many more but it’s the strongest ones that we have the most knowledge about.

The top floor:

This area used to be fire-fighters bedrooms when the building first opened; we have had quite a lot of activity in this area. Our first ghost is of a child, who will swing on the back pockets of jeans to see if the wearer has any sweets on offer. The second spirit is an audible one called Brian. He has told us he worked in the building many years ago but in a janitor role, Brian is quite a friendly soul, he will knock and bang on things on command and make orb lights appear. The last spirit we have on this floor is of black fog, we are unsure of what this is or where it has come from, our work continues with this spirit. His shadow will pass up and down the corridor and suddenly flit into the fireman’s bedroom; he is sometimes accompanied by an aroma, which always appears so we know of his presence.

The middle floor:

Usually in the Great Hall of Fire fighting we would place a table in there to partake in table tipping. This has had some amazing results with huge knocks on the table on command, the table then taking off around the room with little contact to it from our guests and then hearing footsteps walking across the floor above us, when there is nobody on that floor.

The Outside area:

Although this is placed near the road and we do experience some road noise we have noted small stones being thrown at us and there’s always the feeling of eyes watching your every move!

The Police station:

This is a very interesting place! We seem to experience some powerful paranormal activity when we investigate. In the first cell, we have artefacts from a famous Sheffield murderer, sometimes we have noted massive temperature drops in his cell accompanied by some amazing audibles.

The end cell is where it all happens! We have a residual spirit in this area by the name of Cain (although we feel that this is not his correct name, this is what he responds to). Cain is a nasty spirit who in his life raped and murdered women, although his home is the end cell, we feel he never spent any time there whilst he was alive; we seem to think he has just called it home. He has quite a fascination for women who are of a heavier build and has been known to stroke his finger across the throats of women guests and sometimes he has attempted to strangle certain ones. He has a favourite name for me, although I will not repeat it on here, he has given the name time and time again which is extremely interesting as it is different guests who are told the name. Cain can be accompanied by a smell of disinfectant and he can present really cold spots when he visits.

We then have our final spirit, who is a ghost with a strong character; he will keep Cain in check along the corridors of the cells and won’t let him wander from the corridor.