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For many years people have talked about tunnels under Sheffield… but do they really exist?

The most famous of them all is the one that leads from Sheffield Castle to the Old Queens Head in Pond Street and many people claim to have seen it, but no proof exists.  The council denies this outright by claiming it would have been an impossible task to excavate through solid rock, down a hill and under a river in those days.

Others speak of seeing the tunnels at Hartshead - and indeed there are pictures… but of what?

There are many more stories discussing the evidence and location of tunnels in Sheffield but the main questions are if they even existed, and why were they destroyed?

Recent reports have found the existence of a secret force empowered to destroy the tunnels and, more importantly, make sure what was inside did not get out. Over the years there have been events for which the actual reasons - unbeknown to the public - were far more sinister than the public were originally told.

These include:

The closing of the hole in the road in 1994. According to new leaked information on social media by a mystery group code named “Evac October”, this was one of the last entrance holes that accessed Sheffield's underground catacombs.  They were closed and covered up when the Super Tram, a fast mode of transport for the Evac October group to link different important coordinates around the city, was built.

Another event included the disastrous 2007 flood… rumours are that this was created as a rue merely to flood another two open tunnel entrances that were found.

Even the Tour De France stage finish this year is explained as a plan to deflect the media and general public whilst reconnaissance for a covert operation took place on, a then secret, city centre building.

The final shred of information came in July 2014 as the closing of a main busy city street, explained in the press, as a bomb scare.  This was directly behind the National Emergency Services Museum, West Bar. Sources state that the Museum holds the last remaining entrance to the tunnels and this has been breached and opened from inside.

According to Evac October a secret race of evolving monsters have been living inside the tunnels for centuries… only leaving their underground home to feed on humans.  This monster race have perfected the art of shape shifting to avoid detection; the last of the breed have been tracked down to the Museum and monitored ready for a mission to destroy the last of the Tunnel people.

It is documented that they are existing in the museum disguised as normal people working there but are feeding their lust for blood by attacking innocent members of the public. This has been shown on a recent CCTV video released secretly online. An investigative journalist working for a local newspaper found private plans by Evac October explaining their mission to enter the building at specific dates in a quest to destroy the last of the monsters and seal the final portal forever. Evac October has since confirmed this and said in a statement: “This is a mission that must be taken out to ensure the safety of our community.  We are accepting new recruits for this mission. If you think you could you help us see the last of this dangerous breed join us between 27th October – 30th October at the National Emergency Museum, Sheffield. We will search the museum together and, together, we will rid the museum of these monsters.  We will save Sheffield forever”.